Infinite Crisis


A MOBA set in the DC universe


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Infinite Crisis is a MOBA (a mix of strategy and role-playing) along the same lines as League of Legends or DOTA2, in which the players can control some of the DC universe's most iconic characters, such as Batman, Superman, or the Joker.

The complete list of playable characters amounts to more than 25, with some classics such as the aforementioned Superman or the Joker, but there are also lesser-known characters such as Doomsday, Shazam, and Star Saphire.

The story of Infinite Crisis is connected to a disaster between various DC universes, which means that you won't only meet the characters already mentioned, but also versions of those characters from different universes. In other words, you'll also be able to use Mecha Superman, Gaslight Joker, or Atomic Harley Quinn, among others.

Infinite Crisis' game mechanics will be familiar to any aficionado of MOBAs. The players, organized into teams, will have to throw themselves into the attack in order to finish off the opposing team, all the while improving skills and earning experience. In addition, you'll have to use drones and combat turrets to help you, and watch out for the 'power ups' that can give you an advantage.

Visually, Infinite Crisis is pretty good, in part thanks to the excellent character design offered by the game, as well as the incredible detail of the scenes, which includes destroyable elements and references for DC aficionados.

Infinite Crisis is an excellent MOBA that, thanks to fun and dynamic mechanics and striking scenes, will manage to hook not only DC aficionados, but also any aficionado of the genre.
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